How Is 2Pong Different Than Table Tennis

Many people wonder why they should play 2 Pong over the traditional game of Table Tennis. For starters, 2 Pong is NOT Table Tennis. Although we are similar to this game in terms of playing surface and ball, 2 Pong has a few distinguishing features that differentiate it from Table Tennis. First off, 2 Pong uses two paddles instead of one and those paddles are worn on a player's hands like gloves. This allows players to shape shots with their own body. In 2 Pong, the server must make a serve on each hand. This means that if the server's first serve came from their right hand, the second serve must come from the left and vice-versa. Lastly, one of the biggest differences is the 2 Pong net rule. In 2 Pong, if the ball makes contact with the net (on serve or during a rally) and lands on the opposing player's side, the receiving player can decide to let the ball bounce once or twice on their side before making a return. Unlike Table Tennis, a 2 Pong player does not have the extension that a Table Tennis paddle provides. Therefore, a second bounce is provided to extend rallies. Hopefully, this clears up some confusion for new players. One thing to remember is that 2 Pong is NOT Table Tennis. 2 Pong and Table Tennis are two different sports, just like the relationship between Pickleball and Tennis.
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