Tips For Improving Your Game

Looking to take your game to the next level? Do you need some pointers on how to score a few more points? Here are a few tips to help improve your game!

Tip #1 Let Your Hands Do The Work

Playing 2Pong is different from Ping Pong because you need to rely more on your hand/arm to make a shot rather than let the paddle do the work. Don't wait for the ball to come to you before making a shot, extend your arm and push the ball back at your opponent.

Tip #2 Aim For The Centre Of Your Opponent

Aiming for the centre of your opponent can put them in a tough spot. It forces them to make a decision to slide left or right to hit the ball. Forcing your opponent to make this split decision can set you up well for you next shot or win you the point.

Tip #3 Practice With Your Non-Dominant Hand

The best players will be able to use both hands at any time during the rally. The more time you spend hitting with your non-dominant hand the more comfortable you will feel during the game.

Tip #4 Be Patient

If you see the ball hit the net, do not rush your shot. Allow the ball to bounce twice as you line up your shot. The more patience you have, the longer you will stay in the rally and the better chance you have to outlast your opponent.

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