2Pong X Humber College

The next stop on our workshop tour was Humber College on October 17th and 19th. Ben, Sean, and the Cosmos team visited Humber North Campus to speak with Ashwin Patel, Kevin Boston, and Colleen Oag’s sport management classes about becoming an entrepreneur, getting involved in the sports industry, and introducing new products to the market. Students were tasked with giving feedback on the 2Pong team’s product, price, and gameplay and were challenged to apply what they learned in class to create a functional tournament bracket. Congratulations to Justin Rivera, for being crowned the inaugural Humber College 2Pong champion! The 2Pong team has extended a call to all 19-25-year-olds to join the team as 2 Pong ambassadors. If you or someone you know is looking to be a part of a business from the ground level, work with like-minded individuals, and join the sports industry please fill out the Ambassador Form on our website under the “About” page.
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