Game can be played on a standard table tennis surface or any flat, hard surface.

A game can be played to 11 or 21.

Serves must go off the end of the playing surface. A serve that passes off either side of the table is a fault and reserve.

In a tiebreaker situation serve switches on each point. The server can choose their preferred hand.

If the ball slips off your paddle on your serve before you can make contact, you will get a retry. If it happens a second time, loss of point.

THE "2PONG" Rules

Any shot (serve or regular play) that hits the net while going over, may bounce once or twice before the return.

The returning player can choose to play the 1st or 2nd bounce.

Server can use either hand to begin their first serve. However, the second serve must come from the server's opposite hand.


Switch serve every 2 points.

Game must be won by 2 points.


Switch serve every 5 points.

Games must be won by 2 points.


Each team must alternate which player makes contact with the ball every time the ball crosses the net. For example, Team 1, player 1 begins with the serve. Team 2, player 1 returns the ball. The next point of contact must be made by Team 1, player 2. After their return, Team 2, player 2 must be the next point of contact.

To serve, Team 1, player 1 performs two serves, one from the right hand and one from the left hand in any order. Then the service is passed to Team 2, player 1 who performs two serves. Then, Team 1, player 2 proceeds to serve twice.

How to Serve