2Pong was created through a son/father's love of paddle and racquet sports. During Ontario’s first lockdown in 2020, 2Pong was created in our family basement while we were looking for new ways to exercise and stay active. We were playing a friendly game of table tennis in the basement and thought it would be interesting to try playing with two table tennis paddles.

We tested out various options around the basement like two trainer's sparring mitts and two dumbbells. We found that 2Pong not only worked up a great sweat, but also kept us entertained for hours.

Our family has always been involved in a variety of sports. Table tennis has always been a part of our lives along with Karate, hockey, volleyball, running, dance, and pickleball. We have always strived for athletic achievements like winning Ontario Hockey Federation Championships, earning black belts in Karate, competing in OFSAA Championships in hockey, volleyball, running, tennis.

The great thing about this sport is that it can be played recreationally and competitively. It's easy to play with your family and have some fun. When you are ready to take it to the next level, test your skills against your friends for the ultimate bragging rights!

We thought table tennis tables were pretty common amongst North American households, but also knew that most of them were lying dormant in basements. We feel like 2Pong can reinspire people to use their tables again, but for a different reason, to play 2Pong!




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