• Selwyn Jordan

    OMG!! I have been playing Ping Pong with 2 forehands for all my life with paddles!!! I would love to enter in any tournaments. What a great idea. This would be great training for many sports to allow athletes to use their non dominant hand. Strong Work guys!! Thanks, Sel

  • Phil Clark

    Hi, I read your article while on a ice fishing adventure, and couldn’t wait to order for my wife’s birthday. I love racquet sports and have run a badminton club in Sauble Beach, Ontario, Canada for the last 10 years. Ping pong is our after supper game especially in the winter and my wife loves it so what better gift for her, than 2pong. I am sure 2pong is going to be another sport that will ignite peoples interest in fun and I’d like to help the sport grow.

  • 2Pong is a hit in our home!!

    My wife and I have been playing every night after supper, I don’t think we’ve played a game of ping pong since we received 2Pong. My good friend Pete Stewart, just left after some spirited games of 2pong. Pete agrees with us, he loves the game and will be, ordering shortly maybe today. Slight learning curve from ping pong, but a much better workout than ping pong. You have a winner product. Looking forward to promoting the game in the future.

    All the Best in your success 


  • Brad Shacker

    I love the concept of 2pong! It made me think "what other adaptions could be made to the traditional ping pong game" to perhaps attract newcomers to the game. The one that immediately came to mind was a different "slower" ball, similar to what has made pickleball such a phenomena. For beginners, the speed and bounciness of the ball can be a challenge. A slower less bouncy ball might make things easier and more enjoyable. Not sure if something like this might already exist. Brad

  • Irene Verhoeven

    I just found that such an interesting different way to play table tennis and you get to use both hands and both sides of your brain. My 17 year old Grandson, who lives by Edmonton, Alberta, likes all different kinds of sports and they have a ping pong table.  He loves to try different things especially if it’s sports related.

  • Barb Wilcox

    It was easy to learn. It provides an excellent workout. It challenges the other side of your body as you have to play with two paddles. It challenges your brain as you cannot rely on muscle memory from ping pong. My reflexes have improved from playing 2Pong. This has transferred into other sports that i play. 2Pong is for all ages.
    Its fun for get togethers with family and friends. It's easily portable. All that is needed is a flat surface table area. People who like Pickleball will love 2Pong.

  • Brenda Nicholson

    A birthday gift for my 18 year grandson who is a triple A goalie. He loves them.