Ambassador Program


2Pong is currently taking applications for motivated players, who want to grow the game. As an Ambassador, you will be responsible for representing our brand and ensuring that 2Pong becomes a household name.


- Promote the brand that you love!

- Share the game with friends, family, and others in your community by playing often! Host tournaments and pick-up games. Create leagues and clubs.

- Be active and engaged on our social media and promote on your own Social Media.

- Uphold our values

- Keep track of your sales of each 2 pong product

- Help grow 2 Pong into the next big table sport!



- Become one of the first 2Pong Ambassadors

- Potential commissions on Sales of 2Pong items

- Early access to new products using our ambassador discount

The ideal Ambassador for 2Pong is a charming, engaging, hardworking and passionate person who loves the game that we love. Most importantly, we want you to have fun showcasing 2pong to friends, family and the community.


If you have these qualities and more, and think you are the perfect fit for 2Pong complete the application down below:

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